Deadline approaches for tax relief

A City of Minot graph shows the numbers of city residents receiving varying percentages of tax relief through the Homestead Tax Credit in 2022.

Feb. 1 is the deadline to apply for property-tax relief through two state programs that benefitted hundreds of eligible Ward County residents last year.

The Homestead Tax Credit and Disabled Veterans Tax Credit are meant to help lower income seniors and people with disabilities with their tax bills.

The City of Minot listed 345 Homestead credits and 468 Disabled Veteran credits in 2022. Ward County reported 159 Homestead credits and 239 Disabled Veteran credits in 2022, which included 103 mobile homes.

The Homestead Tax Credit is available to individuals aged 65 and older or individuals of any age with a total, permanent disability who meet income and asset eligibility. They do not need to be living in the home if they are in a care facility and not renting the property.

The amount of the tax exemption varies with income and value of the home. To receive a 100% exemption, the household income cannot exceed $22,000 and the exemption is available only on home value up to $125,000. 

A City of Minot graph shows the numbers of disabled veterans in the city who are receiving varying percentages of tax relief through the Disabled Veterans Credit in 2022.

The exemption phases out at an income of $42,000, and the amount of eligible home valuation declines as income increases. The recipient and dependents also are limited to no more than $500,000 in assets, including any assets divested in the previous three years.

The Disabled Veteran Tax Credit is available to honorably discharged or retired members of the U.S. Armed Forces with an armed forces service-connected disability of 50% or greater. In event of the veteran’s death, the spouse is eligible for the credit.

Individuals with disabilities greater than 50% receive exemptions on a higher percentage of taxable home value. At 50%, the credit is available on a home value of up to $90,000. At 100% disability, the credit is available on a home value of up to $180,000. 

Applications are available through the Minot City Assessor’s Office and Ward County Tax Director’s Office. Eligible applicants will receive the credits on tax bills received in December 2023.

Another program provides renter’s assistance to seniors aged 65 and older or people with disabilities. It has a June 1 deadline. Under that program, if 20% of the tenant’s annual rent exceeds 4% of annual income, the tenant will receive a refund for the overpayment. The same income requirements apply as under the Homestead program.


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