Ward County office mails tax statements

School construction adds to Minot bills

File photo Minot’s high school for juniors and seniors, Magic City Campus, underwent remodeling this past year as part of the school district’s effort to create two full four-year high schools, with second new high school on North Hill. A bond issue for school construction is contributing to higher property taxes in recently mailed Minot tax statements.

The property tax on a median-valued Minot home in Minot Public School District will be about $514 higher in the coming year.

Ward County property owners have started receiving their annual property-tax statements in the mail.

A good share of the increase for Minot taxpayers is due to the school bond issue for construction of a second high school and associated building changes at existing high school buildings. The school levy of 142.34 mills is raising the school tax by $148 for every $100,000 in home value. 

Rising property values also are contributing to the increase. The median home value increased from $187,000 to $202,000 in 2022. Individual homeowners will see varying amounts of increase due to differences, if any, in their property valuations.

Minot’s consolidated property-tax levy is 367.01 mills, up from 335.3 mills. That is largely attributable to the bond issue approved by voters.

The tax on a $202,000 home is about $3,336, or $1,652 per $100,000 of home value.

A Minot resident in the Nedrose school district with a median-valued home would pay $3,260, or $1,614 per $100,000 of home value. A Minot resident in the South Prairie school district would pay $3,324 on a median-valued home or $1,632 per $100,000 of home value.

The South Prairie School tax levy is largely unchanged at 140.99 mills. Nedrose also saw less than a mill increase to 133.92 mills.

Ward County’s levy, including the one mill for the state’s medical school, is down less than a mill to 60.35 mills, or 56.95 mills for Minot property owners, who don’t pay the county library levy.

Minot Park District’s levy is 48.57 mills, up about three mills. The City of Minot’s levy of 119.15 mills is down about 2.32 mills, or $10.44 on each $100,000 of home value.

Other cities in the county are mostly seeing higher levies, although not all.

Berthold’s consolidated levy is up about 2%, largely due to a higher city tax. Burlington’s consolidated levy is up about 4% due to higher city and school levies. Kenmare’s consolidated levy is up 2.2% with higher city and park levies. Surrey is seeing a slight decrease in mill levy. Any changes in property values will affect whether tax statements go up or down, though.

About a third of townships have levies of 19 or more mills. State law requires voter approval for township levies exceeding 18 mills. Burt and Iota Flat townships are at the state maximum of 36 mills.


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