Man indicted in federal court on firearms charges

David Alan Wierenga, 37, Minot, has been indicted in U.S. District Court on a charge of possession of firearms and ammunition by a prohibited person.

According to court documents, he had been found to be in possession of eight firearms and 426 rounds of ammunition.

He made an initial appearance on the federal charge in U.S. District Court on Wednesday, where the judge set an order giving the conditions of his release pending trial. A jury trial in the federal case is currently scheduled for Nov. 1 in federal court.

Wierenga was alleged to have prompted a multi-hour lockdown at Trinity Hospital after allegedly trying to post a comment to the Minot Whiners and Complainers Facebook page on May 30 that said: “Everyone should stay away from Trinity Hospital tomorrow because it might save your life.” The administrator of the Facebook group called police and reported the comment, which police investigated. According to court documents, Minot police further reviewed Wierenga’s Facebook posts after the incident and found other allegedly threatening or harassing posts about Trinity Health or its employees that dated back to January.

Wierenga had been charged in district court in Ward County with Class C felony terrorizing, two counts of Class C felony possession of explosives, Class A misdemeanor menacing, Class A misdemeanor harassment-threat and eight counts of possession of firearms or ammunition by a person who had been mentally ill. All of these charges were dismissed on Wednesday after the federal indictment was handed down.


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