Police report fake gold jewelry scammers in Minot

Minot Police Department received a report today from an area resident that he fell victim to a scam, by a male and female couple at a gas station, called the “Fake Gold Jewelry Scam,”

The couple was reportedly driving a smaller grey GMC sport utility vehicle with an unknown California license plate. The scammers told the victim that they were on their way to California but ran out of money, had no credit, and were in need of gas money. The scammers then sold the victim a fake gold ring for $50 worth of gas. The scammers then offered

to sell the victim gold necklaces for $500, however the victim declined to make this purchase.

This scam is not new and has occurred throughout the country in the past few years; however this is the first known instance being reported in Minot. While this scam often occurs at gas stations, it has also been reported to occur at grocery store and mall parking lots.

The best defense to this scam is to never buy gold, or other goods from strangers in

public places. Area residents can call law enforcement to check on people claiming to need money whatever reason. If the need is legitimate, referrals to various social service and nonprofit organizations can be made to assist those in actual need.


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