Hotel Revel to replace Kelly Inn

Submitted Photo Owner/Operator Chelewa Springs is shown outside Minot’s Hotel Revel in this photo by Peter Panales.

Chelewa Springs, originally from North Carolina, envisioned a new concept and found the perfect property in Minot to make it a reality — art and music installations as a unique hotel experience.

Springs, who has prior experience in the hospitality business and boutique hotels, visited Minot in the fall of 2021 and hooked up with Ken Alexander, the original Safari Hotel’s general manager. Alexander has been a part of the hotel for 30 years, through all three of its owners, including recently helping Springs throughout the new transition.

The former Kelly Inn, now Hotel Revel, is undergoing a refresh/update. With some rooms ready and available, Hotel Revel is partially open and will have a grand re-opening at a later date. Springs said the property was vacant for about 16 months. She said it has been very well maintained and taken care of, and for the time being a refresh and update is all that is needed.

“Revel means to enjoy yourself, to revel in something and we are very fond of art, music and really offering a unique experience in curious places,” Springs said.

Hotel Revel will have “studio rooms” where local artists can display their art in guest rooms. Springs has connected with local artists and said she will have a revolving gallery setting in guest rooms.

Looking ahead, Springs intends to reopen the bar, with a live entertainment venue along with event space. Springs is planning to have guests experience the original works of musicians, making storytelling a theme. Much like art on the walls, local musicians will perform live art as well, Springs said. She hopes to have live entertainment on weekends and occasionally during the week.

She said they have as much business as they can handle at this time and are looking forward to a full opening when the refresh is complete.

Springs said Hotel Revel can be “something magnificent” with its niche concept of reveling in music and art.


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