Tiger cubs named, bison calf born at zoo

Spring births

Eloise Ogden/MDN From the left, Lana Erickson and Ryan Pederson, both keepers, and Travis Heil, education, conservation, outreach coordinator, hold up signs with the names of the Amur tiger cubs on Thursday during the Tiger Cubs Name Reveal event at Roosevelt Park Zoo. The cubs were born at the zoo last month.

It’s a girl and two boys, and their official names now are Viktoria, Dmitri and Luka.

They’re the three Amur tiger cubs born at Roosevelt Park Zoo in Minot on March 19 to adult tigers Zoya and Viktor.

On Thursday, the zoo held a Tiger Cubs Name Reveal event at which the genders of the three cubs and their names were announced.

Viktor, the adult male lion, took part in the noon event. He was to open three boxes to disclose the gender of each of the cubs. The boxes were placed in the tiger habitat before he was released into the area. Each box contained shredded paper – one with pink paper for the female cub and two with blue paper for the two male cubs. A piece of meat was in each box. But Viktor opened the first box containing blue shredded paper and spent much of the time with it, although Keeper Chelsea Mihalick tried to urge him to move on to the next boxes. Zoo staff released smoke bombs of pink and blue smoke so the crowd learned the cubs’ gender while Viktor was busy with the first box.

Keepers Lana Erickson and Ryan Pederson, and Education, Conservation, Outreach Coordinator Travis Heil then each held up signs for the crowd to see the names of the cubs.

Eloise Ogden/MDN Viktor, the male Amur tiger at Roosevelt Park Zoo, Minot, takes part in the Tiger Cubs Name Reveal event on Thursday by opening one of three boxes to reveal the gender of the cubs. He spent quite a bit of time with the first box.

The zoo had held an activity in which people could select one name for each cub from a set of names.

Jennifer Kleen, executive director of the Greater Minot Zoological Society, said the naming activity raised $520 to be divided between conservation and the zoo’s capital campaign.

On Thursday, another spring birth occurred at the zoo – a bison calf born that morning.

Eloise Ogden/MDN A bison calf was born Thursday morning at Roosevelt Park Zoo in Minot.


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