ND senators seek explanation of DHS dissemination of illegal immigrants

WASHINGTON – Republican Sens. John Hoeven and Kevin Cramer are among senators asking questions about the Department of Homeland Security’s movement of illegal immigrants from the nation’s southern border to communities nationwide using taxpayer dollars.

According to recent Immigration and Customs Enforcement reports, large numbers of illegal immigrants traveling as single adults are being placed onto planes and sent across the country for release into American communities, Hoeven stated.

Hoeven and Cramer on Thursday signed a letter by Republican Sen. Thom Tillis of North Carolina that presses DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to explain the movement of illegal immigrants.

“In light of the public reporting around ‘midnight flights’ of illegal immigrants, we request a full accounting of your Department’s activities so that we can understand the scope of this challenge,” wrote the senators. “We are concerned that the use of these midnight flights by ICE is intended to obfuscate the Administration’s failure to secure our borders and protect hardworking, law-abiding Americans.”

Ten other Republican senators signed the Tillis letter.


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