Lindsey Undlin writes, publishes first book

Submitted Photo Lindsey Undlin, of Lansford, holds a copy of the book she authored and was recently published, “Ruby Aurthur.”

Editor’s Note: Lindsey Undlin, 14, of Lansford, recently wrote and published a book entitled, “Ruby Authur.” Currently, she is writing her second book in the series. In the following she tells about writing the book, preparing it for publication and having it published. Lindsey’s dad, Vance Undlin, said she did “99% of the work completely on her own. She even set it up on Amazon.”


The thing that inspired me to write a book were the people and towns around me. I enjoy observing how different towns and people interact with each other and how their upbringing affected them. The book is about a girl named Cali Horn who moved to Swallowsville after bad events in her old town. She meets Ray and another girl named Ruby who was kicked down from the varsity basketball. The three try to get Ruby back onto varsity. The book is for ages 13+ since there are some heavy subjects. It’s about a big town and modern high school after all.

I wrote it off of pure spikes of energy. Whenever I wanted to write, I wrote. I used Microsoft Word to write it and that’s the software that I would recommend. I would also recommend reading over every chapter and making notes. I went through two editors that I knew in real life before I went to online. For authors, this is most likely to happen, people get busy and can’t do it. We hired my last editor online on a website named Fiverr. It cost $800 to do.

It took me about five months to do but editing took about five months also. I tried at first to contact a publishing company, but most of them didn’t want a 14-year-old girl who wrote her first book in her free time. So we found out about Amazon Direct Publishing (KDP) through another author known as Blaine Cook. I officially got it published on July 1st.

My book is available on Amazon under the name “Ruby Aurthur.” Most people tell me they have a hard time finding it so I’ll give an explanation that will 100% get you there. In Amazon you’ll want to go to the “Book Department” or “Books.” Then, in the search bar you’ll want to look up Lindsey Undlin. There are two types of books available, paperback and E-book.

I had a series planned out from the start, but of course it’s always changing. The series is called Priders, but you don’t find out what a “Prider” is until the second book. The second book is called “Downhill.” As of this moment, I believe there will be three-four books in this series. Each book will build on top of each other. If you hop into the second one without reading the first it will not make sense.

I’m from Lansford, it’s close to Mohall where I go to school. I’m 14 and will be going into eighth grade. My parents are Vance and Cindy Undlin. You can follow me on Instagram as lindsey–undlin and add me on Snapchat as lindseyu184.

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