Eric Deck, Minot, charged with burglary

Eric Beeler Deck, 39, Minot, is accused of burglarizing a northeast Minot residence on Wednesday morning. He is charged in district court in Minot with Class C felony burglary.

According to a probable cause affidavit filed with the court, the resident of the home reported that Deck was “freaking out.” Officer Matthew Cole responded and saw Deck standing on top of an air conditioning unit trying to get into the house through a window in the kitchen and screaming at the residents inside. A man in the house was holding a piece of pipe in his hands and looked prepared to swing at Deck if he gained entry. The officer ordered Deck to get down and Deck complied and continued to speak in a rambling manner. He was arrested and taken to jail. The residents told the officer that Deck was known to them. They had told Deck to leave and Deck became aggressive and punched two holes in a screen in the living room, flipped over the couch and punched the exhaust to the fire pit, disconnecting the pipes, before the officer arrived. Deck then went outside to look for his lost cell phone. The residents locked the door to the home and Deck became angry and ripped out the air conditioning unit that had been sitting in the kitchen window, stepped on top of it and tried to get in through the window.


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