Oversized Amish Annie donuts prove popular with visitors to the North Dakota State Fair

Huge donuts, huge hit

Kim Fundingsland/MDN Amish Annie’s donuts won a blue ribbon as a top food item at this year’s North Dakota State Fair. Amish Annie’s is located on the north side of the fairgrounds.

Downright hard to believe! And, oh, so tasty and sweet!

“Most people say, Oh my gosh. Look at those donuts,” said Audri Sturdeon, Amish Annie’s Donuts. “You can see their eyes get wide when they see how big they are.”

They are big alright. Huge in fact. It’s no wonder they are served with a knife and a fork. Amish Annie’s donuts are made moments before they are served and dripping with a wonderful glaze that makes the tantalizing flavor come alive.

“You can add homemade whipped cream and a variety of toppings as well,” said Courtney Olson, Amish Annie’s donuts.

An entire meal out of a single donut? It can be done. Topping options include fresh strawberries and blue berries, maple bacon, caramel sea salt, and even a S’Mores donut that so impressed food judges that it was awarded a blue ribbon at this year’s fair.

Kim Fundingsland/MDN Not your average donut! Sweet glaze drips from a freshly made Amish Annie donut at the North Dakota State Fair.

“That one is going to have the homemade whipped cream, graham crackers, chocolate chunks, marshmallow drizzle, and chocolate drizzled over it as well. It’s very good!” said Olson.

No wonder Amish Annie’s is a hit at this year’s fair. And they’ve got refreshing lemonade too.

Sturdeon and Olson are both from Andover, Minn. “Amish Annie” is Olson’s mother, who discovered the donut recipe and decided to share it with others about three years ago.

“We started in parking lots and county fairs and private events,” said Olson. “This year we started going to larger fairs. We went to the Red River Valley Fair and, after this, we are heading to WeFest.”

For the remainder of this year’s State Fair though, visitors will have an opportunity to taste an Amish Annie’s blue ribbon winning donut of their choice. Amish Annie’s Donuts is located in the area of the livestock barns on the north side of the fairgrounds.


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