Roxi Mathis publishes ‘Crescent Moon Cat’

New book based on husband’s ‘silly song’ about their cat

Submitted Photo Roxi Mathis is shown with her cat Frankie, the inspiration for her book “Crescent Moon Cat.” Unlike the cat in the book, Frankie is not fat.

“The Crescent Moon Cat” by Roxi Mathis started with a song and grew into a book that is now available for sale on Amazon.com as a self-published book.

‘My husband likes to sing random songs about silly things during the day,” explained Mathis.

One day her husband, Dan Mathis, spotted their cat Frankie curled up on the couch and started to improvise a little jingle: “This cat wants your food so he can be fat … “

Roxi Mathis, who is a graphic artist at Minot State University and who holds a degree in graphic design from MSU, was inspired to take the silly song even further.

“I started writing it down as much as I could,” she said, and then she wrote a book based on the song, rewriting some of it.

The resulting children’s book is about a cat who wants to eat all the food in the house so he can be fat. Eventually the cat gets so fat that he floats away from earth and is off to learn all the secrets of the universe.

“I actually think it’s my best book,” said Roxi Mathis.

She had earlier self-published “Moose on the Loose” based on a book she wrote as a classroom assignment when she was in eighth grade at Amidon. She later re-discovered the book in her things and decided to rewrite it and re-illustrate it and publish it.

“Crescent Moon Cat” is now her second self-published book. Mathis said the book will also be available locally at the Taube Museum of Art and she is in discussion with other stores to offer it in other locations. She can also sell the book directly.

Frankie the cat, whose full name is Princess Frankenstein the Monster of Bear Mountain, is unaware of her fame, said Roxi Mathis, but Frankie and her two other cats do enjoy eating like the Crescent Moon Cat.

“I like illustrating,” she said. “It’s fun to tell a story with art and visuals.”


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