Haunted car wash to support Full STEAM Ahead

A haunted car wash will be providing good, clean fun for residents who are looking for a socially safe way to celebrate Halloween.

Full STEAM Ahead, which provides educational and cultural enrichment to children of the Minot area, has teamed up with Fastlane Car Wash at 312 31st Ave. SW to offer the event on Friday, Oct. 30, from 5-8:30 p.m. and Saturday, Oct. 31, from 4-9 p.m. No advance tickets are required. Just show up and be scared, according to Full STEAM Ahead.

The cost is the price of a wash, which ranges from $13-$19. Half of proceeds will go to Full STEAM Ahead.

The event is geared toward adults and older kids. But younger children are welcome based on parent discretion.

“This year has sure looked different,” said Allison Auch, executive director for Full STEAM Ahead. “We have had to get creative in so many ways, including fundraising during COVID.”

Looking for new ways to raise money, the organization noticed that haunted car washes are planned in other communities around the country. Fastlane had posted a video about another community’s haunted car wash on its Facebook page, which prompted Full STEAM Ahead to reach out with an offer to partner in bringing an event to Minot.

“This is a blessing to Full STEAM Ahead as we are excited to not only bring this opportunity to our community as a safe way to celebrate Halloween, but we are also closing out the year, and with decreased programming, the funds will help us sustain for the remainder of 2020 and send us into 2021,” Auch said.

Full STEAM Ahead provides children with creative experiences that focus on science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics. The art focus includes theater productions, which puts Full STEAM Ahead in good position to provide the costumes and makeup for the Halloween event.

Krista Marshall at Fastlane said her company wouldn’t be able to provide this type of entertainment without the help of Full STEAM Ahead’s resources and volunteers. Fastlane employees will be providing the car washes, but Full STEAM Ahead volunteers will be decorating and providing the “scare.”

Marshall said they hope to be busy on Oct. 30 and 31 to raise as much money as possible for Full STEAM Ahead. A line of cars shouldn’t discourage people from entering. Marshall said at full capacity, Fastlane can handle more than 700 cars a day, and maximum wait line when the line is full is generally no more than 20 minutes. Full STEAM Ahead volunteers will be on hand to ensure the wait is entertaining.

For more information about Full STEAM Ahead and its robotics, chess camps, theater and other programs, visit steamnd.org.


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