Thomas Cloud, Detroit, Mich., sentenced to time served, two years probation, for intent to deliver oxycodone in New Town

Thomas Edward Cloud, 66, of Detroit, Mich., was sentenced on Sept. 10 to two years, all suspended but the 35 days he already served in the Mountrail County Jail in Stanley, and two years of supervised probation for conspiracy to deliver oxycodone on June 19 in New Town. He was also ordered to obtain a chemical dependency evaluation and to pay $775 in court costs.

Cloud was one of three men from the Detroit area who came in on the Amtrak train in Minot and then took a taxi to New Town. Law enforcement had been tipped off by an Amtrak police officer and the vehicle carrying the three men was stopped at Mile Marker 72 on Highway 23 by an MHA Drug Enforcement Task Force. The Mountrail County Sheriff’s Office also aided in the search. A police dog sniffed around the cab and alerted to the presence of drugs. The search turned up two Pringle chip containers in one of the duffle bags in the vehicle. The duffle bag had hidden compartments inside. Several bags of suspected oxycodone pills were stuffed in Pringle containers in the duffle bag that also contained a train ticket belonging to Vasser. In the other duffle bag, the search turned up a soda bottle with a hidden compartment which was empty. A train ticket belonging to Cloud was in that duffle bag. According to court documents, Cloud had made a prior trip to the area in February. According to court documents, a number of people from the Detroit area have arrived in Minot from Detroit via Amtrak and have subsequently been charged with dealing drugs.

The two other men, Jamar Joseph Vasser, 40, and Jovanti Quest Vines, 26, are still facing related charges in district court in Mountrail County.


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