Kerry Quam, Minot, receives suspended sentence, three years probation for terrorizing, domestic violence

Kerry Mendell Quam, 52, Minot, was sentenced on Friday to nine months in jail, all suspended but the 18 days he has already served, and three years of supervised probation for Class C felony terrorizing.

He received concurrent sentences on a Class B misdemeanor charge for striking a woman in the face on Sept. 27, 2019, and for physically assaulting the woman and making threats to shoot her with a gun and hit her with a hammer on June 22, a Class C felony terrorizing and a Class B misdemeanor simple assault – domestic violence charge.

If he successfully completes probation, the Class C felony terrorizing charge will be reduced to a Class A misdemeanor.

Quam was also ordered to pay court costs and to complete a treatment program for domestic violence offenders.

The victim spoke at sentencing and said she had called the police to give Quam “a wake-up call” and she does not want the charge to ruin them or for him to have a felony on his record that makes it difficult for him to get a job. The woman said that Quam is enrolled in the domestic violence offenders treatment program and has stopped drinking. They have been looking for an anger management class to take but have had a hard time finding one other than a class that is offered online. She acknowledged that she also has anger management problems and said both of them have been working hard to communicate better with each other. She does not want an order prohibiting Quam from having contact with her.

Quam told Judge Doug Mattson that he has a good job, wants nothing to do with alcohol because it has caused him nothing but trouble, and he feels like his life is in a good place right now and he does not want to mess things up. He said he will do his best to follow all of the requirements and not to let the judge down.


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