Travis Steele, New Town, pleads guilty to menacing tribal officer, Mountrail County deputy

Travis Lee Steele, 40, New Town, pleaded guilty to Class A misdemeanor menacing Three Affiliated Tribes police officers early Monday morning.

He was sentenced to 30 days in jail, all suspended but the one day he already served in the Mountrail County Jail, and 360 days unsupervised probation. Judge Richard Hagar also ordered Steele to obtain a chemical dependency evaluation and to pay $325 in court costs.

The state dismissed a Class B misdemeanor disorderly conduct charge against Steele.

According to a probable cause affidavit filed with the court by a Mountrail County sheriff’s deputy, tribal officers had responded to a house that was just off the reservation. They reported that Steele was drunk and was being combative. A tribal officer reported to the deputy that he had been speaking with Steele calmly and Steele became agitated, threw objects at the patrol vehicle, and then took off his shirt and advanced on the tribal officer, who had to twice deploy his taser. The first time he deployed the taser it had no effect on Steele. The second set hit Steele in the abdomen and the officer was able to subdue Steele.

Law enforcement called for emergency medical services to examine Steele. As the Mountrail County deputy and tribal officer were waiting for the medical personnel to arrive, Steele continued to swear at both of them. He said they should watch their backs, that he never forgot a face, and the officers would end up getting shot after this incident. Steele was checked out and was not seriously injured. The officers got his medication for him and then took him to jail.

Steele apologized for his actions in court on Monday and said he was taking his anger at someone else out on the officer. Judge Hagar told Steele that he should make his apologies personally to the officers.


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