Help for SNAP clients impacted by power outages in Anamoose area

BISMARCK – Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program clients who live in Anamoose and the surrounding area and who lost food due to storm-related power outages on July 8 can request replacement benefits. They must report their food loss by July 18 during regular business hours to the human services zone office that serves their area.

SNAP replacement benefits are available to SNAP households that lost food purchased with SNAP benefits due to a power outage lasting more than four hours or other disaster situation.

The program will replace the amount of the loss, up to the amount a household received as a benefit in July. For example, if a household reports a food loss of $100 and the household received benefits of $100 in July, $100 in replacement benefits would be issued once the loss is verified.

People with questions should contact their local human service zone office or call the department at 800-755-2716 or 711 (TTY). Zone office contact information is online at www.nd.gov/dhs/locations/countysocialserv/.

SNAP is a federally-funded nutrition assistance program that serves low-income children, often residing in single-parent families, people with disabilities, seniors on fixed incomes and others who meet income and other eligibility criteria.


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