Benjamin Reid, Minot, charged with child abuse

Benjamin James Reid, 39, Minot, is accused of physically abusing a girl at a southwest Minot residence on Friday, June 26. He is charged with Class C felony child abuse in district court in Minot.

According to the probable cause affidavit filed with the court, Reid was drunk and was involved in a domestic altercation with a woman in the residence. Reid was throwing glasses on the kitchen floor and Reid shoved the woman into a stove while she was protecting the girl. The woman was trying to prevent Reid from leaving the residence with the girl. Reid then grabbed the girl by her shirt collar and dragged her into her bedroom. He then slammed the bedroom door so hard that the mirror on the back of the door fell off and hit the girl. Reid then continued to fight with the woman and the girl heard screaming. She left her room and the woman took the girl into the garage. The girl had bruising on her neck after the incident, according to the affidavit. A second woman noticed the marks on the girl’s neck the following day and asked her about them and the girl didn’t want to say anything because Reid told her she would be taken away from him if she said anything about it. The girl had been staying at Reid’s residence on June 26. The second woman reported the incident to police on Saturday, June 27.


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