Wayde Storkson charged with breaking into woman’s residence, assaulting her, twice within a month

Wayde Allen Storkson, 47, Minot, is accused of breaking into a woman’s northwest Minot home and assaulting her on two different occasions, on May 31 and again on Friday.

For the May 31 incident, he is charged with Class B felony burglary and Class C felony domestic violence causing serious bodily injury. According to the probable cause in that case, Storkson broke through the front door, came into her bedroom, grabbed her right wrist and pulled her and twisted her arm as he screamed at her. She later went to a clinic where she was treated for broken bones in her arm and put in a cast. The woman reported that incident nearly a month later, after a domestic violence incident on June 26.

For the Friday, June 26, incident Storkson is charged with Class B felony burglary, Class C felony terrorizing and Class C felony domestic violence causing serious bodily injury. According to a probable cause affidavit filed with the court, Storkson sent the woman a text message showing an image of a rifle in the passenger seat of his truck. The rifle had bullets strapped to its stock. The text of the message said “One of these is for your ugly face.” Storkson also texted the woman that he was coming to her house to “take care of her.”

The woman locked and dead bolted her doors, shut off all the blinds and turned off all the lights. Storkson arrived and kicked in the door, breaking the door frame. Storkson put his hands around the woman’s throat and squeezed. He threw her to the ground and slammed her head against the hardwood floor for up to a minute. He got off her and she ran to her bedroom and hid in the closet. Storkson followed her and slammed her head into the ground multiple times again. He put his thumbs in her mouth and his hands on the side of her head and lifted her off the ground with his thumbs pressing against her teeth. His left thumb punctured a hole on the top of her gums and his thumb fully entered her right cheek cavity, leaving a hole inside her cheek so large it looked to the responding officer like a roll of quarters could be fit inside of it. Storkson then threw her around a few more times. Storkson walked into the living room and the woman was able to run to a neighbor’s house for help. According to the responding officer, there were blood spatter marks in the front entryway, the hallway and in the closet. The woman told police that Storkson has been abusive in the past, but this time she thought he would kill her.

The alleged victim testified at a bond hearing on Monday for Storkson that she thought he had been drinking before the incidents, that they normally get along pretty well and there hadn’t been a weapon involved in the incident.

Despite the woman’s testimony, Judge Stacy Louser set bond at $20,000 cash or corporate surety and ordered Storkson not to have contact with the woman.

Preliminary hearing dates in the cases are scheduled for Sept. 10 before Louser.


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