Trinity extends entry restrictions to clinics

As part of its ongoing efforts to minimize the spread of COVID-19, Trinity Health is restricting entry to all its patient care facilities, including outpatient clinics.

Effective Monday, March 30, access to clinic buildings in Minot and at Trinity’s rural health clinics will be limited to a single entry point. Patients and those accompanying them will be screened as they enter for respiratory illness and travel.

Randy Schwan, vice president of Mission Integration, said for the most part, patients with appointments will be allowed to enter, but they may be asked to wear a mask.

“It’s important that people understand we are still open and eager to take care of our patients,” Schwan said. “Judging by the support we are receiving, it’s clear that people appreciate the need to be vigilant and monitor access to our facilities. This is to protect the people we care most about – our patients and our staff who take care of them.”

The majority of visitors accompanying patients will be restricted from entry with a few exceptions, including a caregiver providing wheelchair transport, a power-of-attorney representative, and a parent accompanying a minor child.

Outpatient facilities implementing the new outpatient guidelines include Health Center-Medical Arts, Health Center-East, Health Center-West, Health Center-Town & Country, Health Center-Riverside, Plaza 16, Trinity Health South Ridge, Trinity Health East Ridge, dialysis clinics at Trinity Hospital – St. Joseph’s and Belcourt, and community clinics in Williston, Velva, Mohall, Kenmare, Garrison, and New Town.


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