Podrygula files for city council

Minot Alderman Steve Podrygula announced he has filed the necessary petitions seeking re-election to the Minot City Council in the June 9 city election.

His primary issues are increasing openness and accountability in government; making sure tax dollars are wisely spent; enhancing public safety; improving infrastructure, particularly flood protection; and enhancing the quality and efficiency of city services.

“I believe my 42 years of experience as a clinical and health psychologist can be of particular value in challenging times like these. I’ve learned how to listen to people, and earn their confidence and trust,” he said.

Podrygula was most recently appointed to the council in July 2018 after having served a year following council reorganization. He previously served on the council in 1998-2002 and 2004-2008 and has been a Minot resident for more than 40 years.


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