NDDOT temporarily lifts seasonal load restrictions

BISMARCK – As of Tuesday, the North Dakota Department of Transportation temporarily lifted seasonal load restrictions on all state highways to minimize disruption of the supply chain during the COVID-19 public health emergency.

The change was made after Gov. Doug Burgum enacted an executive order in response to the public health crisis resulting from COVID-19.

During this time, the NDDOT director still has the authority to implement load and weight restrictions as deemed appropriate under current law if it is determined that removal of this restriction is negatively impacting the roadway or creating a safety risk.

“These changes are designed to improve the movement of goods within our state. NDDOT has developed a daily inspection process to ensure our roadways are not damaged as a result of lifting seasonal load restrictions. Many other statewide programs to protect roads and manage the size and weight of trucks on the highways, remain in effect throughout North Dakota,” NDDOT Director Bill Panos said.


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