Ward and Mountrail Counties successful at Little International

Submitted Photo Second-place Senior Livestock Judging Team members are, from the left, Fletcher Hennessy, Mariah Braasch and Ty Fladeland.

Ward County was well represented by the Crops and Livestock Judging teams that participated in the Little International Contest held at North Dakota State University in Fargo on Feb. 14.

Both crops and livestock judging are split into two age groups of ages Junior 8 to 13 and Senior, ages 14 to 18.

In Crops Judging, contestants must identify crops and weeds by the seeds, insects, equipment and machinery, different types of crop disorders, and market grade factors for wheat and durum. Placing second in the Junior Crops contest was Abby Finke, Berthold. Receiving seventh place was Mark Schauer, Carpio. Placing tenth was Daylon Yanish, Carpio. Also representing Ward County was Makayla White, Berthold. Overall, the team of Schauer, Finke, Yanish, and White won the Junior Crops Judging team division.

In Livestock Judging, contestants analyze animals of different livestock species including beef cattle, hogs, goats, and sheep. They must rank the animals first through fourth place. After placing their class, the contestant must present reasons to a judge explaining why they placed the class the way they did. At this contest, contestants had to place classes of Angus heifers, Simmental heifers, Columbia ewes, Hampshire ewes, Yorkshire gilts, market barrows, and a keep/cull class. Both Senior and Junior Livestock Judging teams combined with Mountrail County to form a complete team.

In the Senior Livestock Judging contest, Mariah Braasch, Minot, placed third with a score of 464. Fletcher Hennessy, Des Lacs, placed fifth with a score of 459. Ty Fladeland, Stanley, was also on the team. The team of M. Braasch, F. Hennessy, and Fladeland placed second in the Senior Livestock Judging team division. There were 45 individuals competing in the Senior 4-H Livestock Judging contest.

Submitted Photo First place Junior Crops Judging Team members are, from the left, Makayla White, Abby Finke, Daylon Yanish and Mark Schauer.

The Junior Livestock Judging team consisted of Avah Bullinger, Powers Lake, Amber Braasch, Minot, Sutton Hennessy, Des Lacs, Adalyn Bullinger, Powers Lake, and Erika Littlefield, New Town. The team of Avah Bullinger, A. Braasch, S. Hennessy, Adalyn Bullinger, and Littlefield placed seventh in the Junior Livestock Judging team division. There were 70 youth participating in the Junior Livestock Judging contest.


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