Judge turns down plea deal fon child neglect charge for Krystan Standingbear

Judge Stacy Louser said Tuesday she wasn’t comfortable with a proposed plea deal for Krystan Faye Standingbear, 24, of Bismarck, who is charged with Class C felony child neglect.

Standingbear allegedly ran away from a stolen car while carrying her baby in Minot on Jan. 14. She then went to a stranger’s house and said she had had a fight with her boyfriend. The child was allegedly not clothed appropriately for the sub-zero temperatures and didn’t have on shoes.

Under the terms of the proposed plea deal, the state would have dropped a Class C felony theft charge against Standingbear and she would have pleaded guilty to the Class C felony child neglect charge. The state would have recommended a 360 day sentence, all suspended but the 28 days she has already served in jail, and three years of supervised probation.

Louser said she isn’t familiar with the case and suggested the attorneys put the plea deal before Judge Doug Mattson next week.

Standingbear’s co-defendant, Nathan Wallette, is also charged in district court in Minot with Class C felony theft of a motor vehicle in connection with the incident.