Tioga air quality report finds room for new industry

TIOGA – Tioga is poised to take on new industry in light of a newly released engineering report that lays to rest any concerns about existing air quality, according to the Tioga Economic Development Corp.

The Tioga EDC commissioned an air quality study, funded with $30,000 approved by the Tioga City Commission from the Tioga Fund, after conversations began last May about the potential for expanded industry in Tioga.

The report delivered by Ryan Kluss of Stantec Engineering on Tuesday found the atmosphere can accommodate additional industry emissions beyond the existing natural gas refinery, assuming certain aspects are met, such as emission stack height and placement.

Tioga’s EDC Director Dennis Lindahl, EDC attorney Robert Harms and business leader Kathy Neset have been actively visiting potential partners to forward Tioga’s vision of the future. The EDC stated in a release that “Tioga is ready, willing and able to receive new industry such as power generation, petro-chemical processing, manufacturing or natural gas processing with adequate water, sewer, electric and access to natural gas and transportation infrastructures.”

“The air quality study is an important first step in attracting new industry to the area as it eliminates an expensive step in initial site selection,” said Tioga EDC President Chris Norgaard. “Now we have this information ‘on the shelf’ for industry to access when they are evaluating potential locations.”

Tioga’s 2020 Focus seeks to open the doors to industry by offering assistance and support through creative financing and potential public-private partnerships.

Tioga’s 2020 Vision lays out the direction for Tioga to transition from “Oil Capital of ND” to “Energy & Innovation Capital of ND,” with bio-fuels, natural gas, crude oil, wind energy and STEM accredited Unmanned Aerial Systems education programs all active in the community, the EDC stated.

The 2020 Tioga Air Quality Report can be obtained by visiting www.TiogaND.org or by emailing dakotapublic@gmail.com.


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