Produced water spills occur at Watford City & Sherwood areas

WATFORD CITY – The North Dakota Department of Environmental Quality reports two recent produced water spills occurred in the area.

A valve failure caused a produced water spill on a well pad near Watford City on Saturday.

The well, located 14 miles east of Watford City, is operated by Landtech Enterprises, LLC.

The state was notified of the spill on Monday.

Landtech Enterprises estimates about 290 barrels of produced water were released, with about 4 barrels migrating off site and impacting pasture land.

NDDEQ was also notified of a produced water spill from a pipeline rupture about two miles north of Sherwood on Monday. The 3-inch Fiberglas pipeline is operated by Cobra Oil & Gas Corporation.

The incident was reported the same day. The cause of the pipeline rupture is still under investigation.

Cobra Oil & Gas Corporation estimates that about 200 barrels of produced water were released impacting agricultural land.

Personnel from NDDEQ were inspecting both sites and will continue to monitor the investigations and remediations.


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