Kalix is downsizing operations

Submitted Photo Recycling at Kalix in Minot, pictured, will be downsized at the end of the month.

Recycling is about to become more of a challenge for people in the Minot area – including for Borgi Beeler, the president and CEO of Kalix, which will be downsizing its program beginning next month.

“I don’t know what I’m going to do with my cans and bottles,” said Beeler, who said she has always been committed to recycling. “I find that very painful.”

But, like many other recycling operations, Beeler said Kalix, which is located at 605 27th Street SE in Minot, must downsize its recycling program because of continued low prices in the commodities market.

“We can’t continue to subsidize it,” she said.

Beeler said Kalix will continue some aspects of its operation. It will continue to accept and process confidential documents and mixed office paper. Kalix will continue to pick up confidential documents, public drop-off events for those items will be scheduled occasionally, and people and businesses may arrange to drop off confidential documents and mixed office paper by calling 855-909-9729.

Submitted Photo A Kalix employee unloads aluminum cans from a customer vehicle.

However, Kalix will stop accepting other recyclables after Jan. 31. Redeem tokens through Kalix will still be honored at Marketplace Foods through March 31, Beeler said.

Beeler said there are other recycling operations in the area, but she is unable to make official recommendations as she does not know what services they offer.

Earth Recycling recently relocated to 7670 23rd Avenue NW in Glenburn. Arden Jesz, owner of Earth Recycling, said the company will accept cardboard, newspaper, steel cans, aluminum cans and other scrap metals, but no plastics. Jesz said he is not yet sure whether Earth Recycling will accept magazines. Bins are located outside the business. The items must be clean and properly sorted. There are no drop off sites in Minot. Jesz also said the price of commodities is a concern, but there is still a market for some recyclables. For instance, office paper is shipped off to be turned into tissue paper. Newsprint can be shipped off to be turned into insulation or egg cartons.

Jesz said he is not in favor of curbside recycling in Minot as it would be too difficult to ensure that the items are clean and properly sorted out from garbage.

For more information, email Earth Recycling at earthrecycling@srt.com A message on the businesse’s phone service says current hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Submitted Photo A mountain of magazines (foreground) and an even taller mountain of shredded paper (background) are separated by a wall of cardboard bales in the Kalix recycling warehouse.

Another option for aluminum can recycling is Gerdau, located along 5801 Highway 2 East in Minot, according to its listing at recyclingmonster.com, along with other scrap metal. Gerdau also accepts other scrap metal, according to the site.

Farther away is the HAV-IT Recycling Center, a private, not-for-profit organization operated by Harvey Area Vocational Instructional Training in Harvey.

Nancy Schaeffer of HAV-IT said HAV-IT used to ship some of its paper products to Kalix for processing and now, because of Kalix’s downsizing, will have to find another location to ship to. HAV-IT also ships a lot of its paper product to locations in Minnesota, she said.

HAV-IT accepts Plastic No. 1 and No. 2, corrugated cardboard, loose paper including mail, magazines, large books, newspaper, aluminum and tin cans and e-waste such as CPU towers and laptops. It does not accept glass.

The city of Harvey supports recycling and residential recycling pickup is available for residents on the first Wednesday of the month.

The Minot City Council is also likely to again consider whether to revisit the possibility of curbside recycling in Minot early this year, said Mayor Shaun Sipma. Last month the city council indicated that they need more public input. However, that could prove more difficult with Kalix’s decision to scale back its operations.

In Harvey, there are three bins in front of the HAV-IT Recycling Center for collection and a recycling collection trailer. Items must be separated and bagged before they are placed in the labeled bin.

Harvey also has other drop site locations, including a trailer on the east side of the historical bank building in Anamoose, bins by the post office in Bowdon and for cardboard behind the grocery store in Bowdon, and a trailer across from the Bethke-Nelson Funeral Home in Drake.

Laurel Wentz, a retired teacher in Fessenden, has also left a horse trailer near the Fessenden school where people are able to drop off recyclables.

Wentz, who had coached the LEGO Robotics Team in Fessenden, said her effort started out as a robotics team project about five years ago. After the project ended and Wentz retired, she continued to leave the trailer there “because I believe in recycling.” Wentz also continues to work for the district as a substitute teacher.

Wentz or her husband haul the trailer the 17 miles to the recycling center in Harvey, where it is unloaded. She gets some occasional help, but most of her efforts are unpaid and she also receives no compensation for most of the trash dropped off at HAV-IT to be recycled, except for a minimal payment for aluminum cans.

“We usually take a load in every month and a half,” said Wentz. “We have about eight loads a year.”

Hauling a load to the recycling center in Harvey actually requires about four trips, since the trailer must be left behind at Harvey and then collected again once it has been unloaded there.

Wentz said she goes to clean out the trailer every week or so because people don’t always separate the recyclables according to the labeled areas or leave trash such as used Kleenex or pizza boxes with food still in them. She would like to see people who are leaving items to be recycled pay closer attention to the labels.

But, even though it is sometimes a challenge, Wentz believes in recycling and will continue her personal contribution to helping the environment by leaving the recycling trailer at the Fessenden school and hauling it to and from Harvey.


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