Felony domestic violence charge dismissed against Kiel Traverse

A Class C felony domestic violence resulting in serious bodily injury charge has been dismissed against Kiel Teresa Traverse, 32, Minot.

Traverse told a judge in October that she had stabbed her boyfriend with a knife in self defense. According to a probable cause affidavit filed with the court, the boyfriend had shoved Traverse onto a couch and had punched and slapped her a number of times before she grabbed a knife and told him she would stab him if he didn’t get out. At some point during the argument, the boyfriend was stabbed in the side. He needed stitches on his left side.

Traverse was arrested and charged even though she claimed self defense and the boyfriend did not want her to be charged. Police did not see any marks on Traverse after the dispute. Her boyfriend was not charged.

Traverse was not present at the hearing. She has an outstanding warrant on a charge of failure to appear for court-ordered drug testing. However, her lawyer was present for the hearing and a prosecutor agreed to dismiss the felony domestic violence charge against her.