Accident atop helipad grounds Trinity Hospital helicopter

Kim Fundingsland/MDN Trinity Hospital's helicopter had to be removed from the helipad on the hospital's roof Thursday. The helicopter sustained damage during a landing on the helipad the previous day.

A damaged helicopter had to be removed from the Trinity Hospital helipad at mid-day Thursday.

The site attracted numerous on-lookers who watched as a tall crane lifted the helicopter off the roof of the downtown Minot hospital and gently set it on a large flatbed trailer on the street below. The incident had its beginnings about 1:30 p.m. Wednesday.

“The pilot had been dispatched to pick up a crew at the hospital but when he landed he noticed a vibration,” said Mary Muhlbradt, Trinity Hospital. “He turned the helicopter off and noticed the tail section got caught in the fencing around the helipad.”

No one was injured and the damage was minor, but sufficient enough to prevent the helicopter from flying. A large crane was brought to the east side of the hospital for the purpose of removing the helicopter from the helipad.

The overhead blades of the helicopter, which were removed by workers while the helicopter was still on the roof, were lowered one at a time by crane to a waiting flatbed. When that part of the project was complete the helicopter was lifted up by the crane and then brought down from its lofty perch to ground level without incident. Damage to the tail section and rear rotor blades was evident.

Trinity Hospital utilizes the helicopter for various medical needs, including emergency transportation of patients. The hospital was leasing the helicopter from Executive Air in Bismarck.


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