Tourism grant program supports Main Street expansion

BISMARCK – The North Dakota Department of Commerce has announced the 2020 Tourism Main Street Expansion Grant Program.

The purpose of the program is to support new or expanding businesses that provide an improved visitor experience, with an emphasis on attracting visitors to downtown.

The program’s intent is to fund new projects that attract visitors from outside of North Dakota for at least one overnight stay with the goal of giving the community and state another experience to entertain visitors and potential new residents.

Grant funds are to be used for building new attractions, expansions offering a new experience and supporting services for visitors. Funds are not allowed to be used for marketing or ongoing operating expenses.

The required match is 1:1, and all grant payments will be made on a reimbursement basis. Matching dollars cannot be from other North Dakota state grants.

Applications are due by Jan. 3. Successful candidates will be notified by Feb. 3. The grant-eligible portion of the project must be completed by June 1, 2021, with all documentation due by June 20, 2021.

For more information, visit ndtourism.com/information/north-dakota-tourism-development.


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