Technology Day at Minot State

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Area high school students, pictured, won awards at Minot State University’s Technology Day on Wednesday. Tioga High School students, pictured, won the sweepstakes team award. Business students from 14 area high schools competed in the event.

Winners follow:

Accounting: 1-Mason Lemer, Drake-Anamoose; 2-Allyson Webster, Stanley; 3-Karter Longie, Tioga.

Business communication: 1-Addie Norgaard, Tioga; 2-Ashantai Harris, Surrey; 3-Jayden Parkinson, Bowbells.

Business law: 1-Chris Jenner, Surrey; 2-Mason Hornberger, Underwood; 3-Kaden Pederson, Tioga.

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Desktop publishing: 1-Nathan Sims, Underwood; 2-Sydney Iverson, Tioga; 3-Kayleen Kihle, Burke Central.

Document production: Lexi McEvers, Burke Central; 2-Jamie Lemer, Drake-Anamoose; 3-Justin Burud, Kenmare.

Introduction to business: 1-Canvas Sanders, Tioga; Brittney Kuklis, Burke Central; 3-Jordan Rodin, Kenmare.

Presentation software: 1-Tim Staal, Tioga; 2-Alexandra Juma, Powers Lake; 3-Kayla Barral, Bowbells.

Spreadsheet: 1-Prairie Bly, Burke Central; 2-MaKayla Berg, South Prairie; 3-Hannah Wittmayer, TGU-Granville.

Sweepstakes team award: Tioga High School (Karter Longie, Addie Norgaard, Kaden Pederson, Sydney Iverson, Casey Kennell, Canvas Sanders, Tim Staal, Asha Valliere.)


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