Mainstream Boutique creates Giving Tree

Mainstream Boutique in Minot has teamed with Dakota Memorial School at the Dakota Boys & Girls Ranch to establish a Giving Tree to benefit students attending the school.

Desiring to make an impact to celebrate the season of giving, Mainstream Boutique owner Pam Karpenko contacted Cher Baggett, a teacher at Dakota Memorial to ask how the community could best serve students, and they decided on the Giving Tree.

“It’s an honor for us to collect simple things bringing some holiday cheer to students attending Dakota Memorial School at the Dakota Boys & Girls Ranch,” Karpenko said.

Baggett asked her students to complete wish lists. These lists were placed in envelopes indicating gender and age group. The public can pick up envelopes to fulfill the wishes at Mainstream Boutique. The boutique will be offering a gift to anyone who purchases a Giving Tree gift.

“We have 31 students to buy for, and it is our hope we can engage our community to deliver a joyous holiday season to these students,” said Karpenko.

“Knowing there is someone out there who cares enough to shop for my students, give to them and share the joy of Christmas with them may be the catalyst for great things,” Baggett said.

Responses from students in learning the community is willing to buy gifts for them included:

– This is really nice of you guys to give us stuff.

– I think I will give something to my brother.

– I don’t understand… pick out something for me? Why?

– Can I give it to someone else?

The Giving Tree will be in place at Mainstream Boutique, located at 2 South Main Street in downtown Minot, until all gifts are filled or through Dec. 14.


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