State Supreme Court turns down Kalmio appeal

The North Dakota Supreme Court has denied an appeal from convicted murderer Omar Mohamed Kalmio for post-conviction relief.

In an opinion issued on Thursday, the supreme court ruled that the district court did not err when it determined that Kalmio failed to show that he was prejudiced in his direct appeal when his lawyer did not file a brief regarding the admissibility of testimony about Kalmio’s prior bad acts.

Kalmio, 35, was convicted of the Jan. 28, 2011, killings in Minot of Sabrina Zephier, 19, the mother of his baby daughter, and of the murders of Sabrina Zephier’s mother, Jolene Zephier, 38, her 13-year-old brother, Dillon Zephier, and of Jolene Zephier’s boyfriend, Jeremy Longie, 22. Sabrina Zephier’s infant daughter was found unharmed in her residence after the murder. Sabrina Zephier was killed at her residence and the three others were killed at a second residence. Kalmio was convicted at trial and was later sentenced to life in prison.