New things coming to the ND State Fair

A variety of new things are coming to the 2019 North Dakota State Fair for fairgoers to enjoy. These new items include a new stop for kids called the Kid’s Space, a special dedication ceremony from the United States Postal Service, a new travelling memorial, a new carnival with a new payment option and 15 new food items.

The Kid’s Space will feature three different areas with activities for a range of ages. The space is an exploration center, according to NDSF Director of Development and Communication Stephanie Schoenrock, and will feature the Magic City Discovery Center, Full STEAM Ahead and the UND NASA STEM Ambassadors.

Each section will offer something different with one section focused on robotics offering quick, 20 minute sessions where children can learn about different topics and get a taste while not taking out an hour of fair time.

Then on Thursday July 25 at 11 a.m., the United States Postal Service will be holding a Stamp Dedication Ceremony for their new State and County Fair Stamp. Schoenrock says ND State Fair is honored to be the one chosen for the ceremony.

A new travelling memorial will be at the fair this year too. Remembering the Fallen is a photographic

memorial that will include both military and personal photos of those who lost their lives during wars. The memorial will be outside the State Fair Center July 24 through July 27 from noon to 7 p.m.

According to “North Dakota State Fair: 50 Years of History and Fun,” the Murphy Brothers Exposition brought the many carnival thrills to Minot every year since 1967. This year a new carnival will be taking over, Crabtree, and will be bringing a new payment option along with it.

For those interested in not purchasing tickets or carrying around cash, money can be put on a “Magic Money” card. This new card will allow fairgoers to pay for rides, games and food within the carnival area.

The new option also comes with an app for those who want to transfer funds from somewhere else to a card.

The final new item coming to the State Fair actually comes as 15 different items. Food vendors will be featuring brand new food items for this year’s fair as a part of the starting day competition, Food Frenzy. Fairgoers are encouraged to try the new, never-before-sold at the fair items.