Sustainable ag society offers taste of two food operations

Northern Plains Sustainable Agriculture Society is offering a tasty day of tours of two unique operations in central North Dakota on June 26. The day starts at North Dakota’s only culinary herb farm near Esmond and ends with a tour and bite to eat at Farmtastic Cafe and Food Hub in Anamoose.

Gardendwellers FARM at Esmond has been using sustainable and organic practices since its beginning in 2002. The farm also has a one-acre orchard, hops, a variety of ornamental plants, mushroom beds and a small, raised vegetable garden. Barry and Holly Mawby share their farm with their son Adam, who runs gardendwellers RANCH, a direct-to-consumer lamb and chicken business. The two businesses work together to cover crop, rotationally graze livestock, rotate the crops and manage the production fields for the best possible soil and crop return.

In addition to processing and packaging fresh produce for sale to grocery stores and other outlets, FARMtastic operates a cafe in Anamoose. The Petrovics, owners of Slavic Heritage Farm, started the FARMtastic Heritage Foods Hub to provide a link in the local food economy in central North Dakota, helping small- and mid-sized farms utilize excess produce to fill larger orders. FARMtastic Heritage Foods features recipes made with fresh, organic, locally grown fruits, grains and vegetables.

The tour begins at 10 a.m. Please RSVP to Northern Plains Sustainable Agriculture Society on its Facebook page or call 218-331-4099. Directions to gardendwellers also can be found at gardendwellersfarm.com.