Special Olympics ends another successful event

Results from 2019 Summer Games highlights successful event

Special Olympics North Dakota held its 2019 Summer Games on June 6 and the results highlight another successful year. More than 670 athletes from 13 communities participated in the state competitions in athletics such as track and field, bocce ball, flag football, different areas of powerlifiting, swimming and volleyball.

“We’re pleased with the turnout of athletes we had at this year’s Summer Games,” said Kathy Meagher, president and CEO of Special Olympics North Dakota. “Everyone brought a fantastic level of energy and passion for their respective sports.”

Minot area honorees include:

Justin Hinds placed 1st in Division MY2 for Power Lifting Bench Press with a score of 159.09.

Samantha Aalund placed 3rd in Division F2 for 50 M Dash with 22.56 seconds.

Grace Redding placed 5th in Division FY3 for 100 M dash with 23.16 seconds.

Justin Hinds placed 4th in Division M1 for 100 M Dash with 15.6 seconds.

Richard Wallette placed 1st in Division M4 for 100 M dash with 20.54 seconds.

Jared Dalby placed 2nd in Division M7 for 100 M Dash with 20.10 seconds.

Kelly Coutts placed 3rd in Division M8 for 100 M Dash with 22.75 seconds.

Christina Coughlin placed 1st in Division F1 for AT Run Long Jump with 2m 47 cm.

Justin Hinds placed 4th in Division M3 for Men’s Shotput with 7 m 31 cm.

Kelly Couts placed 3rd in Division M8 for Men’s shotput with 4 m 58 cm.

Samantha Aalund placed 4th in Division F2 for Women’s Shotput with 2 m 81 cm.

Grace Redding placed 2nd in Division FY1 for Softball throw with 13m 3 cm.

Connor Ringoen placed 4th in Division MY1 for Softball throw.

Minot Dragons got 4th place in volleyball with Tiffany Coutts getting an honorable mention.

“Our athletes are driven by the support from fans and volunteers. We appreciate the support from the community and continue to push for more volunteers and spectators for upcoming events,” Meagher said.

For more information about Special Olympics North Dakota, go to www.specialolympicsnorthdakota.org.