Esean Rose, Minot, charged with child neglect

Esean Deneile Rose, 28, Minot, is accused of leaving his 10-month-old son unattended in an apartment on Saturday.

Rose is charged with Class C felony child neglect in district court in Minot.

According to a probable cause affidavit filed with the court, Rose and the child’s mother got into a fight, the woman fled the apartment and Rose followed her. He left the baby alone.

Police later found the baby still sitting in his high chair and crying.

Rose called 911 and told police the baby had been left alone in the apartment, but later denied making the call and claimed he did not know anything about the incident. The woman told police that Rose called 911 to make her look like a bad mother.

The couple were located at JL Beers on Saturday. The woman was arrested on an outstanding warrant.

Rose is also charged with Class A misdemeanor providing false information to law enforcement.

Arrangements were made for someone else to watch the child after the parents were arrested.


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