Bring Your Own Bag Week starts today

The first ever Bring Your Own Bag Week in Minot begins today and will run through Sunday, April 28. Participating stores are Cash Wise Foods at Southgate Crossing, Marketplace Foods at 20th Avenue Southwest and Broadway and Marketplace Foods at 21st Avenue. and 16th Street Northwest.

Each store will provide customers with free, durable, reusable shopping bags at designated tables for free while supplies last. Volunteers will help distribute bags and answer any questions customers may have about how to use reusable shopping bags. Customers can use these bags at the regular check out aisles that day and every following shopping trip and receive a five-cent discount off their grocery bills. Raw meat and chemical products should always be placed in single-use plastic bags.

There also will be signs posted on all doors to the grocery stores, reminding customers to bring their reusable bags into the store from the vehicle.

“It is positive to work with local businesses and residents to put together this event and make positive improvements to the way our community operates,” said Donna Bye, event co-coordinator, in a news release. “This is truly an example of a local solution to address a national issue.”