Science whizzes compete at regional Science Olympiad

Winners at regionals will go on to state competition

Submitted photo Area high school and middle school students, pictured, competed in the Regional Science Olympiad held at Minot State University on Monday. Top finishers will go on to compete at the North Dakota State Science Olympiad on April 13 at North Dakota State University in Fargo.

Top science students in the area competed at the regional science olympiad held Monday at Minot State University. Kids competed in a variety of different events, from anatomy and physiology to water quality to forensics.

Winners in the high school division were:

Wright Stuff: Savanna Jones and Sam Weddell, South Prairie; Brady Johnson and Jayne Burcholtz, Cavalier; Raul Boamah and Caroline Williamson, Minot High School-Centra Campus.

Thermodynamics: Devon Dahlien and Noelle Overton, Nedrose; Collin McDonald and Julius Rosalin, Minot High School-Magic City Campus; Jacob Lundstrom and Tristan LaPlante, Bismarck Century.

Designer Genes: Ke Lin and Logan Lies, Bismarck Century; Megan Major and Emily Couse, Magic City Campus; Caleb Bonness and Grayson Pease, Des Lacs-Burlington.

Mousetrap Vehicle: Lucas Boustead and Mackenzie Johnson, Bismarck Century; Hayden Lee and Michael Thomas, Velva; Seth Roedocker and Braden Anderson, South Prairie.

Boomilever: Mindee Boyce, Nedrose; Madeline Allmaras and Marah Schmitz, Carrington; Sam Kelling and Dane Repnow, Magic City Campus.

Dynamic Planet: Sean Brynjolfson and Mackenzie Johnson, Bismarck Century; Megan Sutter and Alexis Leier, Nedrose; Melaina Haagenson and Colby Opp, Central Campus.

Astronomy: Sean Brynjolfson and Aurora Zainhofsky, Bismarck Century; Lexi Holter and Mallory Herzig, Des Lacs-Burlington; Bryson Haman and Daniel Mantei, Velva.

Fossils: Madison Cooper and Madison Barthel, South Prairie; Abbie McKay and Kennedy Hawk, Minot Ryan; Madysen Rath and Travis Metzger, Bismarck Century.

Anatomy and physiology: Lillian Egan and Megan Major, Magic City Campus; Ke Lin and Ashlyn Kaul, Bismarck Century; Adleigh Handeland and Jennifer Wood, Central Campus.

Fermi Questions: Jacob Lundstrom and Tristan LaPlantz, Bismarck Century; Sylvie Pate and Trapper Depew, Carrington; Caroline Williamson and Melaina Haagenson, Central Campus.

Chemistry Lab: Steve Novak and Margaret Huettl, Magic City Campus; Alea Eslinger and Mackenzie Johnson, Bismarck Century; Payton McCurry and Riley Brunner, Minot Ryan.

Mission Possible: Margaret Huettl, Magic City Campus; Sean Brynjolfson and Justin Anderson, Bismarck Century; Hope Brewer and Hayden Lee, Velva.

Water Quality: Katie Snyder and Mindee Boyce, Nedrose; Michael Thomas and Erica Herr, Velva; Tory Carik, Cavalier.

Write It, Do It: Kennedy Plessas and Casey McMahon, Minot Ryan; Melaina Haagenson and Colby Opp, Central Campus; Collin McDonald and Noah Christman, Magic City Campus.

Disease Detective: Megan Major and Lillian Egan, Magic City Campus; Ke Lin and Mackenzie Johnson, Bismarck Century; Lexi Holter and Mallory Herzig, Des Lacs-Burlington.

Forensics: Chayla Kuss and Laurie Struxness, Carrington; Coy Spooner and Grayson Pease, Des Lacs-Burlington; Mackenzie Johnson and Aurora Zainhofsky, Bismarck Century.

Herpetology: Chloe Bourdeau and Luke Zimmer, Velva; Patrick Litton and Travis Metzger, Bismarck Century; Dane Repnow and Emily Couse, Magic City Campus.

Experimental Design: Dane Repnow, Sam Kelling, and Nathan Pellenwessel, Magic City Campus; Benjamin Lepp, Evan Putt, and Andrew Huettl, Central Campus; Madelyn House, Gage Florence, and Patrick Litton, Bismarck Century.

Sounds of Music: Devon Dahlien and Noelle Overton, Nedrose; Collin McDonald and Noah Christman, Magic City Campus; Madelyn House and Patrick Litton, Bismarck Century.

Winners in the middle school division were:

Elastic Launch Glider: Max Beumer, Carrington; Arianna Lega and Emilee Lopez, Ramstad; Tanner Anderson and Adam Roedocker, South Prairie.

Battery Buggy: Matt Erickson and Wyatt Olson, Velva; Brian Tollefson and Brandon Watson, Cavalier; Jobe Rystedt and Audrey Seil, Erik Ramstad Middle School.

Roller Coaster: Parker Hummel and Joseph Shappell, Jim Hill Middle School; Maddie Hogue and Miranda Novodvorsky, South Prairie; Christopher McMahon and Jude Osiezagha, Minot Ryan.

Heredity: Kylie Stain and Colton Nogosek, Des Lacs-Burlington; Taryn Braaten and Allyson Christenson, Velva; Zoefia Mojica and Kye Keplin, Minot Ryan.

Dynamic Planet: Althea Panales and Kye Keplin, Jim Hill Middle School; Karigan Lundmark and Charolette Whittington, Ramstad; Ethan Brevik and Mitch Heinert, Nedrose.

Anatomy and Physiology: Arwa Alakech, Jim Hill Middle School; Christopher Willson and Chuka Osuala, Minot Ryan; Lovely Magpali and Alyssa Aragon, Nedrose.

Crime Busters: Batool Alakech and Brett McKay, Minot Ryan; Joseph Shappell and Annika Haugen, Jim Hill; Julianna Folk and Tia Untz, Ramstad.

Write It, Do It: Abbey Peterson and Aaden Olson, Velva; Ai Yasumura and Aubrie Davis, Memorial Middle School; Kaitlyn Pellenwessel and Tia Untz, Ramstad.

Road Scholar: Max Beumer and Nicole Lee, Carrington; Mason Striha and Preston Kraft, Velva; Alan Joslin, South Prairie.

Density Lab: Bolutife Omole and Mason Eichhorn, Jim Hill Middle School; Dawsyn Anderson and Lucas Hendrickson, Carrington; Alexis Aragon and Shelby Stehley, Nedrose.

Disease Detective: Emma Hone and Jacob Rexin, Carrington; Taya Bearman and Annaliese Rauschenberger, South Prairie; Batool Alakech and Tyanna Weeks, Minot Ryan.

Fossils: Lovely Magpali and Kendall Nordgaard, Nedrose; Arwa Alakech and Marissa Beck, Jim Hill; Kristopher Thomason and Julianna Folk, Ramstad.

Water Quality: Marissa Beck and Lauren Peterson, Jim Hill; Alyssa Aragon and Dominik Degele, Nedrose; Lydia Repnow and MaKenzie Croxall, Ramstad.

Solar System: Kendall Nordgaard and Mariana Quezada, Nedrose; Jacob Rexin and Jacob Page, Carrington; Brooke Larson and Aaden Olson, Velva.

Boomilever: Kaydee Boyce, Nedrose; Jobe Rystedt and Julianna Folk, Ramstad; Cody Harris and Joseph Shappell, Jim Hill.

Herpetology: Alex Prestwich and Annika Haugen, Jim Hill; Taj Baang and Audrey Seil, Ramstad; Connor Seidler and Adam Kinden, Garrison.

Meteorology: Emma Hone and Jacob Rexin, Carrington; Lydia Repnow and Kristopher Thomason, Ramstad; Kaydee Boyce and Lovely Magpali, Nedrose.

Potions: Alli Guthmiller and Ella Nowatzki, Carrington; Batool Alakech and Jude Osiezagha, Minot Ryan; Solomon Flanagan and Alyssa Aragon, Nedrose.

Experimental Designs: Kaitlyn Pellenwessel and Lydia Repnow, Ramstad; Emma Hone, Ella Nowatzki, and Alli Guthmiller, Carrington; Olivia Redding and Ben Fagerland, Des Lacs-Burlington.

Mystery Architecture: Kendall Nordgaard and Mariana Quezada, Nedrose; Maddie Hogue and Brenna Eberle, South Prairie; Reese Richter and Tate Maldonado, Nedrose.