Timothy Smith, Minot, charged with stealing vehicle

Timothy Chrishaod Smith, 34, Minot, is accused of stealing a Toyota Pickup valued at $27,631 on Sunday.

Smith is charged with a Class B felony in district court in Minot.

According to the probable cause affidavit filed with the court, an officer spotted the pickup traveling at a high rate of speed in northwest Minot shortly after midnight on Sunday. The officer pulled over the vehicle. Smith allegedly tried to hide his face with his hoodie, but the arresting officer recognized him from other encounters. Smith allegedly gave her a fake name but eventually admitted his real name.

Smith had a warrant out for his arrest. While he was being searched, the officer found a 20 inch long stick with a sharp end hidden in his right pant leg. The pickup had been reported stolen and the owner wanted to press charges against Smith for theft of property.

Smith is also charged with Class A misdemeanor concealment of a dangerous weapon and Class A misdemeanor providing false information to law enforcement.