Hefty Seed Yield contest raises over $35,000

On Dec. 19 Hefty Seed Company of Mohall held their 2018 Hefty Brand Seed Yield Contest Awards Banquet at the new Mohall Community Center. This past harvest, area farmers volunteered their best five acres of Hefty Brand corn, soybeans or both to try for the best yield. The production from the five acres was then sold and donated to local organizations in the farm’s name.

The real winners were the local groups receiving donations from the contest that totaled $35,499. This is the second year that Hefty Seed sponsored the yield contest and last year’s efforts raised just over $19,000.

“The second year of our contest was a tremendous success. To almost double the amount of money raised is wonderful. The credit goes to the farmers who consistently put their community before themselves and find reasons to give back instead of reasons to hold back,” said Charlie Adams, Manager of Hefty in Mohall.

Buynak Farms of Antler entered both the corn and soybean divisions of the contest and donated to the Mohall Lansford Sherwood Chapter of Dollars for Scholars. Jim and Susan Gates of Mohall also contributed to the cause. The total amount raised for Dollars for Scholars $3,997.

Drangsholt Farms of Mohall chose the Dakota Hope Clinic of Minot for its entry in both corn and soybean division. Guy and Wendy Solemsaas of Sherwood also supported Dakota Hope with a soybean entry. Altogether, Dakota Hope received a total of $5,729.

Leavitt Farms of Lansford and Oberholtzer Farms of Mohall donated their acres of soybeans to the Lansford Fire Department. Lansford Fire Chief Matt Undlin accepted the donation of $3,716.50.

Leon Cameron accepted a total of $2,271 on behalf of the Sherwood Fire Department. The contributor to Sherwood Fire was Richard Cameron of Sherwood.

Lenny Artz of Westhope split his entry between the Westhope and Maxbass Fire Departments. Brian Pease accepted $600 on behalf of Maxbass Fire and Jason Klokstad accepted $600 on behalf of Westhope Fire.

Mohall Lansford Sherwood Catholic Church received $2,108 donated by Shane and Heidi Feland of Antler from their soybean acres.

The Mohall Fire Department was the area’s largest recipient of donations and received a total of $12,340. Mohall Fire Chief Arlyn Johnson accepted the donation from the following: Jim and Susan Gates, Andy and Meggan Gates, and Peter Gates, Oberholtzer Farms, Witteman and Keith Farms.

The Mohall Ambulance service received $4,137.50 by Randi Thom donated by Jim, Susan, and Peter Gates from both of their corn and soybean entries. Witteman and Keith Farms also donated to the Mohall Ambulance.

At the end of the evening the top yield winners in each division received the grand prize which was a free one-year lease of a brand new 2019 Chevy Silverado pickup. The 2018 winners of the new pickups were Richard Cameron and Andy Gates.

The team at Hefty Seed of Mohall would like to thank all of those who entered the contest and looks forward to working with area farmers to put even more dollars back into the community in 2019.