B-52 Flyover Crew

Submitted Photo A B-52H Stratofortress and crew from Minot Air Force Base had the honor of performing the flyover at the NCAA Division I FCS championship game between North Dakota State University Bison and Eastern Washington game in Frisco, Texas, on Saturday. Shown in this courtesy photo, members of the crew were: Col. Scott Maytan of Apple Valley, Minn.; Maj. Scott Lechner of Nazareth, Pa.; Capt. Reginald Mora of San Diego, Calif.; Capt. Brandon Peters of Florissant, Colo.; 1st Lt. William Godby of Greenville, S.C.; and 1st Lt. Mitchell Redmond of Noblesville, Ind. According to a Bison Facebook posting, the day of the flyover the crew arrived around 5 a.m. for a 7:30 a.m. takeoff. The flight between Minot and Frisco is about three hours. During the flight, the crew monitored their progress so they would arriveat the desired time, down to the second, using a combination of changes in airspeed and route to adjust their arrival time as necessary. “Our crew is proud to support the players and coaches that have worked hard and demonstrated the superior performance necessary to compete in this National Championship, as well as all the fans who have provided their support and energy throughout their journeys,” the posting also said. Maintainers at Minot AFB are an important part of launch of the B-52 for the flyover.