Bismarck man says he’s been mistakenly charged five times because meth addict brother keeps giving police his name

A 42-year-old Bismarck man is accused of stealing from Cash Wise in Minot on April 16, but he said this is just his latest case of mistaken identity.

The man said his brother, a meth addict, has made a habit of giving his name to police whenever the brother is picked up on theft charges.

This is the fifth time that the man has had to prove it was his brother who should be charged with a crime and not him. The man said he was in jail on yet another false charge at the time the Cash Wise theft was committed, so it couldn’t be him.

North Central District Court Judge Gary Lee gave the man an unsecured appearance bond, which Lee said should give the man time to get the paper work together to prove the police have the wrong man. The appearance bond means the man didn’t have to post bond and will only owe money if he fails to make a future court appearance. Lee said he is certain the state’s attorney’s office will dismiss the charge as soon as they are provided with the necessary proof.