Mark Anhorn, Minot, charged with terrorizing, reckless endangerment

Mark Ray Anhorn, 52, Minot, is accused of trying to run over his ex-girlfriend on Monday evening at a southeast Minot address.

He is charged with terrorizing and reckless endangerment, both Class C felonies, in district court in Minot.

According to the probable cause affidavit filed with the court, the alleged victim told police that she had been cleaning out a friend’s garage with her current boyfriend when Anhorn showed up and told her to leave his property. The woman told Anhorn that the garage was not his property. Anhorn then showed her his middle finger and called her names. The woman said Anhorn yelled that he was going to kill her and backed up, drove through the yard and tried to strike her with his vehicle. He came back twice more and each time tried to strike her with the vehicle.

The woman’s current boyfriend told police he overheard Anhorn yelling insults at the woman and the woman told him to “go to hell.” At one point her current boyfriend told the woman to get in his truck because they were going to leave. As they were walking to the truck, the other man saw Anhorn drive into the driveway and back up. The woman’s current boyfriend told her to get out of the way and she ran by the red car parked in the driveway.

Anhorn apparently left when he saw that the woman was on a cell phone talking to police.

Police found three separate tire tracks in the yard and on the gravel and a few feet of gravel in the roadway which appeared to have been recently kicked up.

The woman and her current boyfriend told police that they believe Anhorn was trying to run over and kill his ex-girlfriend and the woman was afraid for her life.