Street chip sealing to begin today in Minot

Crews will begin work this week on street chip sealing projects in the City of Minot.

City Engineer Lance Meyer said the work will begin today and is expected to be completed near the end of August. Some residents may have already noticed small signs on boulevards, asking them not to park on the street while the work is being done in their areas. Once the work is completed, the signs will be removed and residents can park on the street again.

Access to driveways may be restricted for about one hour when the contractor is performing work adjacent to each driveway. Residents should be cautious around the fresh oil and loose rocks.

“There are multiple areas of the city where crews will be working, so we’re asking residents to be aware if they see the signs in their neighborhood,” Meyer said. “The work in each area usually takes a few days, so we appreciate everyone helping keep the streets clear of vehicles while crews work their way around to different locations in the city.”

Information about where crews will be working can be found on the City of Minot’s website under “Construction Projects” at or by calling the City Engineer’s office at 857-4100.