19 people to run in Three Affiliated Tribes’ primary election

NEW TOWN – Nineteen people have been certified by the Tribal Election board as eligible candidates for the 2018 tribal business council primary election of the Three Affiliated Tribes.

The official list of candidates for the primary election, released by the Tribal Election Board on Friday, are as follows:

Chairman, Tribal

Business Council

– Jasper P. Young Bear

– Marcus Wells

– Mark N. Fox (incumbent)

– Scott Satermo

– Kermit Heart

– Tex Hall

Four Bears Segment


– Frank Grady (incumbent)

– Hazel A. Heart

– Kevin Finley

– Lawrence Baker

– Marcus D. Levings

– Russell Deane

– V. Judy Brugh

– Wendi R. Wells

Parshall Segment


– Delvin Rabbithead Sr.

– Mervin Packineau (incumbent)

Twin Buttes Segment Representative

– Cory Spotted Bear (incumbent)

– Leon Little Owl

– Phyllis Lincoln-Steen

The primary election will be held Sept. 18.

The two qualified candidates who have the highest number of votes for the particular position on the tribal business council in the primary election will be allowed to run in the general election for their respective tribal business council position.The general election will be Nov. 6.

Should any candidate receive a majority of the votes cast in the primary election, that candidate will be declared elected to their respective office, according to the Tribal Constitution and Bylaws.