Brine spill discussion for landowners set for March 27

NDSU Extension Service will host a brine spill discussion Tuesday, March 27, from 1-3 p.m. at the North Central Research Extension Center, Minot.

Landowners will have an opportunity to discuss their concerns and experiences with brine spills. The meeting is open to all landowners interested in talking about brine spills. The focus of the discussions is pipelines. The goal of these meetings is for landowners to share information and voice their concerns. Space will be limited to 30 participants. Contact the local Extension office to reserve a spot. Minot contacts are Paige Brummund, 857-6444, paige.f.brummund@ndsu.edu; or Jim Hennessy, 628-2835, jimh@co.mountrail.nd.us The Northwest Landowners Association is providing snacks and refreshments.


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