Daughters of Norway organizational meeting at the Minot library

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At 1:30 p.m. on Sunday, Dec. 3, local Minot Nordic ladies are invited to attend a presentation about the Trolls of Norway, and asked to bring a troll for display. The ladies will share potluck treats celebrating the “Jule Season” (Christmas) during refreshments.

Many Norwegians are familiar the nisse (tomte in Sweden) who is one of the most familiar creatures in folklore. Typically described as being no taller than 35 inches tall with a long white beard and wearing a comical red knit hat. He has a pull-over woolen tunic, and leather shoes.

According to tradition, the nisse live in the houses and barns of the farmstead, and secretly act as their guardian. If treated well, they protect the family and animals from evil and misfortune, and may also help with chores and farm work. However, they are known to be short tempered, especially when offended. Once insulted, they will usually play tricks, steal items and cause trouble with the livestock, like tying the horse’s tail in a knot!

Norwegian folklore includes many types of trolls, for example the water, and the mountain troll. Nordic ladies are welcome to attend to learn more about them. There will be handouts available for making your own troll with paper and a troll dough recipe.

Theodor Kittelsen was a famous Norwegian artist who created many drawings of trolls, and created the illustration of the Water Troll in 1881 and Mountain Troll in 1887. Organizers promise a fun time learning more about tradition and heritage of Norway.

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The Daughters of Norway are meeting once a month on the first Sunday of the month at 1:30 p.m. in the South Room of the Minot Library. Potential members interested in attending this event should call Sue at 838-0331 or send an email to norskjill@gmail.com

Daughters of Norway are a non-profit organization open to women of Norwegian/Nordic heritage. To be eligible for Standard Membership in a subordinate lodge of the Daughters of Norway, a woman shall: a) Be at least

13 years of age. b) Be of Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Icelandic, or Swedish birth or descent; or c) Have, or had, a spouse of Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Icelandic, or Swedish birth or descent; or d) Have a “slektning” (relative) married to a person of Norwegian birth or descent.

The mission and purpose of the Daughters of Norway is to unite into a sisterhood, women who wish to preserve Norwegian heritage; maintain among members a knowledge of the history, culture and language of Norway; and build a strong support system and bond of friendship within the sisterhood. Lodges are located throughout the Central and Western United States. See their web site at http://www.daughtersofnorway.org for more information about lodges and the Daughters of Norway organization.

The group is also on Facebook where additional information can be found.


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