Minot City Committee of the Whole

When: Tuesday, 4:15 p.m.

Where: Minot City Hall, council chambers, second floor, 515-2nd Ave. SW

Agenda: The committee will hear from Rep. Scott Louser about a flood information mapping system request to the Ward County Commission. The committee will consider final payment on projects, including alley reconstruction at the parking ramps and airport terminal demolition. It will consider resilience program administrative items, airport projects and revision of the limit on cab/shuttles in the airport’s commercial queue lane. The committee will discuss the committee of the whole’s structure and future meeting dates.

How to make your opinion known: Meetings are open to the public. Committee members are President Mark Jantzer, Stephan Podrygula, Lisa Olson, Shaun Sipma, Shannon Straight, Josh Wolsky and Mayor Chuck Barney.