The following people were issued a marriage license by the Ward County Recorder in Minot and have been united in marriage: John Joseph Laubacher and Nancy Kay Jessen, both Burlington; Jeremy Paul Phelps and Jeanie Maude Bixby, both Karlsruhe; Zack Taylor Helmers and Denyce Elizabeth Holter, both Kenmare; Johnnie Mack Jarvis IV and Sherry Maranda-Rose Douglas, Taylor Isaac Strand and Morgan Caroline Olson, Joshua Alex Skjoldal and Arvin Cercado Abrea, Joseph Shane Smith and Jade Zandia Gilman, Tyler Douglas Holmes and Nicole Rose Hallof, all Minot; James Patrick Clinton and Olivia Hope Fetherolf, both Surrey; John Patrick Behm, Burlington, and Brittny JoAnn Riemer, Minot.