June 5: son to Lynna and Lucas Whitesell, Minot; daughter to Ashley Berg and Michael Piispanen, Minot.

June 6: daughter to Lauren and Cole Hysjulien, Ross.

June 7: son to Emily Lamm and Matthew Larson, Minot.

June 10: son to Alexius Albertson and Jacob Williams, Minot.

June 11: daughter to Darylanna Durkee and Hunter Thorp, Towner; son to Alexia Miller and Jovan Marreno, Minot.

June 12: son to Brooke and Eric Rosenau, Upham; son to Toni and Alexander Mershon, Velva; son to Meaghan Struckness and Cole Sheig, Minot.

June 13: daughter to Kiernan and Brent Burgard, Minot; son to Stephanie and Chandler Jacob, Minot; son to Molly Avery and Terry Lavallie Jr., Belcourt.

June 14: son to Jessica and William Ruland, New Town; son to Taylor and William Young, Minot; daughter to Sadie and Kyle Kuntz, Minot; daughter to Victoria and Ken Oda, Minot.

Sunday: daughter to Mikelle and Steven Bailey, Burlington.

Monday: daughter to Nicole Peterson and Justin Eisinger, Minot; son to Chelsy and Chandler Mack, Velva.


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